Icinga as a Service

Easy configuration of your hosts and services. Offering preconfigured common checks based on varied and long lasting expertise of monitoring projects.

Get your fully preconfigured monitoring stack

Icinga 2 Master is a straightforward, modern open source monitoring tool for your infrastructure.

Icinga 2 and Director

Easy configuration of your hosts and services. We offer a set of preconfigured common checks based on our varied and long lasting expertise of monitoring projects.
  • System health
  • Network protocols
  • Databases
  • Application servers

Icinga Web 2

View health states of your hosts and services. Have a perfect overview of what is going on in your infrastructure. Even recently recovered hosts and services are displayed.

Add Agents

Smooth integration of the most common operating systems. For monitoring system information from your hosts we provide integration scripts available for Windows and the most common Linux distributions.
  • Debian/Ubuntu
  • CentOS/Fedora
  • SuSe/OpenSuSe
  • Windows


Graphed metrics help you to identify load peaks immediately. Every time Icinga 2 runs a check it also collects performance metrics. Those can be used to help you to find and understand possible bottlenecks in your infrastructure. Metrics are saved up to 12 months.

Monitor your services from a different perspective

Icinga 2 Satellite is the ideal enhancement for your existing monitoring environment.


Icinga 2 Satellite helps you to check your services from your customer’s point of view. Get insights into your service metrics by choosing different locations around the globe.

Multiple Check Plugins

There are multiple preselected check plugins available for the most common scenarios. Monitor all kinds of different services including your self-operated Icinga 2 monitoring instance.

  • Web service checks
  • E-Mail service checks
  • Availability checks
    Ping, ICMP, TCP/UDP
  • Icinga 2
    Icinga 2’s customized protocol

All check plugins include performance metrics like latency, execution time and status codes.

Text Notifications

Be aware of service issues before your customers are. Get notified from an independent external source, because information may vary from different perspectives. Icinga 2 Satellite is shipped with an SMS notification handler.

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