Icinga Camp Amsterdam – Talks

What you can expect

We are happy to have an amazing linup for Icinga Camp Amsterdam 2017. You can find our timetable here.

State of the Icinga

A really short introduction into the day and the current state of the Icinga project.

Eric Lippmann


Monitoring and Alerting for logs
Many of us are using elastic stack with logstash as a way to gather logs in a central place and parse them into understandable information. Throw on Kibana for root cause analysis and Grafana for beautiful dashboards and the picture is almost complete. But there has been one thing missing: monitoring logs for issues and taking action on them in icinga. This has recently been made possible by the logstash output for icinga (https://github.com/Icinga/logstash-output-icinga). This not only
allows us to raise alerts, it also allows us to do things like schedule downtimes and add comments to hosts. In this session we’ll explore the possibilities brought on by this new logstash output and show you some examples of what you can do with it.

About Walter

Walter Heck is the technical director of OlinData. Walter has been using puppet since 2009 and he’s among many other things a puppetlabs certified trainer since 2012. Walter has spoken at many conferences worldwide and loves sharing knowledge.
Through working with many of the world’s largest enterprises across different continents Walter has gained a unique insight in the needs and wants of enterprises with regards to infrastructure, DevOps and everything surrounding those topics.

Walter Heck

CTO, OlinData

Integrations all the way

What’s next after building your monitoring stack with Icinga 2, Icinga Web 2 and check plugins? This talk will dive into possible integrations already available or currently in development.
Visualize the current monitoring state with beautiful dashboards in Icinga Web 2 and Dashing. Forward your check metrics to Graphite or InfluxDB and visualize them with beautiful Grafana dashboards. Dive into the capabilities of event messages forwarded into your Elastic Stack environment. Include configuration management and notification handling.
We’ll also have a look into the current state of the icingabeat integration and the Icinga 2 Puppet and Chef modules.

About Michael

Michael is a long term Icinga Core Developer and most recently Community Manager. He loves to play with Icinga integrations and try new things (Vagrant, Dashing, Puppet, etc.). In his sparetime Michael takes care about monitoring-portal.org and building awesome LEGO models.

Michael Friedrich

Icinga Core Developer & Community Manager

Future proofing your metrics solution

Graphite has served us long and very well. However when faced with ever growing amounts of data it doesn’t always hold up as well a we wish it would.
This talk guides us through all the moving parts of a standard graphite setup, the signs that show us when we are in trouble and how to scale or replace the components that are not performing as they should.
Over the years almost all of the components making up graphite’s python implementations have been rewritten in either c or golang or even been replaced completely by tools like influxdb and prometheus. To make sense of this all we’ll take a data-driven journey evaluating these “proposed” changes and setups to make sure we can safely monitor our ever growing server farms into the cloud age.

About Bram

Bram Vogelaar spent the first part of his career as a Molecular Biologist , he then moved on to supporting his peers by building tools and platforms for them with a lot of Open Source technologies, after which he joined Inuits to focus on helping more people to deliver their software with Open Source tools.

Bram Vogelaar


Containers everywhere: Extend the Icinga Director

With the growing number of containers and their orchestration platforms like Marathon, Docker or Kubernetes, the necessity for more flexible monitoring grows as well.

While the orchestration platforms usually stop monitoring at the container level, I will demonstrate how to extend and use the Icinga Director for monitoring the services provided by the applications within the containers.

About Achim

Achim Ledermüller is a Lead Systems Engineer in the NETWAYS hosting department. One of the primary goals in the last year was the conceptual design and implementation of a Software as a Service platform (https://nws.netways.de) at NETWAYS.

Achim Ledermüller

Lead Systems Engineer, NETWAYS Managed Services GmbH

Icinga2 Beyond Monitoring

Icinga2 is known monitoring tool, that allows to you monitor your IT environment, with the combination of external tools, such as Graphite or other RRD tools, Icinga2 can maintain statistics of your IT environment. This presentation will briefly go through a basic Icinga2 setup and then
will show how Icinga2 can be used as an external trigger to execute commands, such as notifications, batch process, building report, and so on, this allows you to use Icinga2 as a scheduling, notification and event-based-driven tool, based upon you IT environment information.

About Toshaan

Toshaan Bharvani is a IT consultant, currently self-employed at VanTosh, with a interest in Open Source Software and IT Hardware. He started his IT interest at the age of 5, when his father gave him his first own PC components. Ever since he has been interested in IT hardware and IT software. In business, he tends to combine higher level applications with lower level systems. Toshaan has been involved for some time now in some open source projects and communities.

Toshaan Bharvani


Icinga Web 2 – How to write modules

Icinga Web 2 is the ideal tool for starting your own project. It is simple, reliable and performant and shares a great community with the Icinga Project. We keep things straight forward and focus on convention over configuration.

Of course Icinga Web 2 has its power in the Web but it also offers writing CLI commands in order to provide plugins, cronjobs or even small services. This talk will take you by the hand and guide you through the first steps of creating a Icinga Web 2 module.

Eric Lippmann

Icinga CTO

Monitoring BigData Clusters
Monitoring BigData Clusters at ING DiBa with Icinga 2. This talk shows, how we came to monitor our BigData Clusters with Icinga. I will talk about the advantages of monitoring distributed services in the hadoop eco system.

About Tobias

Tobias is a Linux and opensource guy with 10 years experience in it operations at bank service providers and a bank.

Tobias Dziekanowski


Icinga Director

A year ago it was still the baby in our toolbag, Meanwhile many of us wouldn`t want to miss it. Around the clock it rolls out the largest environments reliably, completely automated and autonomous. Often while being supplied from different sources. From CMDBs, LDAP and Active Directory, Puppet, AWS and various kinds of databases. It has also been connected to tools such as NeDi, besides proprietary SOAP- and REST- interfaces. With the version 1.3 the Director is moving on to the next level. Where the automating was in focus, other important subjects are gaining importance. These are self-service, rights and client capability. And last- but not least, the interaction between automatisms, and to extract what is actually handled manually in real life.

Markus Frosch

QA & Release Manager