Icinga Camp Stockholm – Talks

What you can expect

We are happy to have an amazing linup for Icinga Camp Stockholm 2016. See our camp schedule for more details.

State of the Icinga

A really short introduction into the day and the current state of the Icinga project.

Bernd Erk

CEO & Co-Founder

Windows monitoring with NSClient++

Monitoring windows does not stop with cpu/memory/disk or checking that services or processes are running. With NSClient++ you can both extend your monitoring deep into your systems and applications to make sure they are healthy as well as get real-time alerts and graphing to get ahead of your failures.
This will be a quick introduction to NSClient++ and it’s architecture. An introduction to monitor Windows as well as how to connect NSClient++ to monitoring and graphing systems.

About Michael

Michael Medin is a senior architect and open source developer and has (among other things) written the de-facto agent for monitoring (among other things) windows based servers from (among other things) Nagios: NSClient++. In his not-so-spare time he works as an architect building middleware on mainly Oracle using Java, XML and various Web Service and REST technologies. When he is not working diligently at his computer he is often found riding his mountain bike along some rocky single track in the glorious Swedish countryside.

Michael Medin

Creator NSClient++

Graphing with Icinga, Graphite and Grafana

Icinga brings performance data since ever then. With Icinga2 a gate has been opened to ship those data to a reliable and scalable recipient: Graphite.
In my talk I will explain how the Graphite feature in Icinga2 works and how we can benefit from the automatically collected performance data of most plugins. By showing concrete examples I will bring you closer to the most important features of Grafana and the idea of visualizing data.

About Blerim

As Product Manager Integrations & Partners Blerim is responsible for enlarging Icinga’s technical partnerships and supported tools & add-ons.

Blerim Sheqa

Product Manager Integrations & Partners, Icinga

Integrate End User Experience Monitoring to your Icinga platform with the open source tool Alyvix

Alyvix simulates actions of a human user on any kind of application. It is based on image processing and machine learning techniques. While performing these actions, the open source tool measures the related performance data and sends them to your Icinga platform. From the obtained data you can understand which application, in which location, on what time is performing better or worse than it should. The collection and analysis of all data-details of the interactions, allows to identify and afterwards improve the component(s) which causes bad performance.
This synthetic (or active) monitoring approach can be applied for all kinds of business-critical applications (e.g. CRM, ERP, Citrix, RDWebAccess etc.) and for all desired action sequences.
New features like html-reports including screenshots and animated gifs of the performed tests, performance data storing, encrypted passwords and diverse possibilities of performance operations have lately been integrated to the software. On the roadmap for Alyvix 2.3 there are some interesting functionalities like the consideration of disappearing objects, new object interactions as selecting and dropping, the OR-logic on object components, performance data integration in Windows Performance Monitor and their publishing in the cloud through .json files.
During his speech, Francesco Melchiori will explain how Alyvix can be integrated to your Icinga platform, how the new features can be exploited best and what is planned for the next releases.

About Francesco

Over the last years Francesco Melchiori has built his career on following applicated domains: remote sensing, neuroinformatics and industrial diagnostics (development of timber and lumber scanners for quality classification). Common denominators for his professional growth were signal and image processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. In the past, he focused his efforts on software engineering of cognitive systems, which could extract the richest and most accurate information in order to provide the best support and lead to further decision making steps. Therefore, he was the perfect candidate to become our Alyvix product manager. In his current job position he concentrates on synthetic monitoring of applications, on customer requirements generation and on the product development of Alyvix

Francesco Melchiori

Product Manager, Würth Phoenix

Icinga 2 – Current development

Fetch status information, trigger actions, receive events, manage configuration files, and even – modify and create objects purely at run-time. This talk will give insights into the current development of 2.5, explain how the REST API is designed and showcase several use cases in live demos. It will also cover a detailed demo of the current web interface Icinga Web 2.3.4.

Bernd Erk

CEO & Co-founder, Icinga

How to make your monitoring shut up – Observations on what to monitor and when to alert

Monitoring is great to see what is going on in your systems. But finding the *right things and the right way to monitor* is challenging work. There is a always a tension between not wanting to miss anything and not drowning in information. Even harder is to find the right checks to alert on, especially outside of office hours. We’ll discuss a number of guidelines you can use to set up and tweak your monitoring and alerting./p>

About Daniel

Daniel Kuehn (Init AB) – Linux enthusiast that has worked with infrastructure and DevOps for a couple of years, and hates getting woken up in the middle of the night due to an alert that wasn’t important.

About Moritz

Moritz Rogalli (Init AB) – operations at heart with passion for the “soft aspects” in working in IT. Opinionated and trigger happy when it comes to deleting monitoring checks and notifications.

Moritz Rogali & Daniel Kuehn

Init AB