Icinga Camp San Diego – Talks

What you can expect

We are happy to have an amazing linup for Icinga Camp San Diego 2016.

The Unrealized Role of Monitoring & Alerting

In today’s world, a company must be a “Learning Organization” in order to be successful and innovative. Learning from both failure and success, in order to implement small incremental improvements is critical. But until you implement and apply new information, you haven’t truly “learned” anything and you certainly haven’t improved.

According to the 2015 Monitoring Survey, most companies leverage metrics from monitoring and logging purely for performance analytics and trending. If high availability and reliability are important, they also leverage metrics to alert on fault and anomaly detection. Despite these “best practices”, the metrics are primarily only used as context to keep things “running” or return them back to “normal” if there’s a problem. Rarely is that data used as a method to identify areas of improvement once services have been restored.
When an outage occurs to your system, you will absolutely repair and restore services as best you know how, but are you paying attention to the data from the recovery efforts? What were operators seeing during diagnosis and remediation? What were their actions? What was going on with everyone, including conversations? A step-by-step replay of exactly what took place during that outage.

This “old-view” perspective on the purpose of monitoring, logging, and alerting leaves the full value of metrics unrealized. It fails to address what’s important to the overall business objective and it lacks any hope of seeking out innovation or disruption of the status quo.

This talk will illustrate how to identify if your company is making the best use of metrics and ways to not only learn from failure, but to become a “Learning Company”.

About Jason

DevOps Evangelist at VictorOps, organizer of DevOpsDays – Rockies, author of “ChatOps for Dummies”, and host of a number of DevOps related events in the Denver/Boulder area. Jason has spent the last 8 months presenting and building content on a number of DevOps topics such as Blameless Post-mortems, ChatOps, and the value of context within incident management. A frequent speaker at DevOps events around the country, Jason enjoys talking to audiences large and small on a variety of technical and non-technical subjects.

Jason Hand

DevOps Evangelist, VictorOps

State of the Icinga

A really short introduction into the day and the current state of the Icinga project.

Bernd Erk

CEO and Co-Founder, Icinga

Icinga 2 – Apify them all

Fetch status information, trigger actions, receive events, manage configuration files, and even – modify and create objects purely at run-time. This talk will give insights into the current development of 2.5, explain how the REST API is designed and showcase several use cases in live demos. Of course there’s also space for feedback and hacking together during Icinga Camp.

About Michael

Michael has been an Icinga core developer for more than 7 years. He is currently leading the Icinga 2 development together with Gunnar. In addition to the exciting core architecture work he likes to play with Vagrant. Docker and Dashing. You’ll also find him active over at monitoring-portal.org, most recently as administrator too. In his spare time Michael loves to build LEGO models and enjoys Nuremberg with his Austrian dialect.

Michael Friedrich

Icinga 2 Core Developer & Community Manager, Icinga

Enter the Metrics

Icinga brings performance data since ever then. With Icinga2 a gates have been opened to ship those data to a reliable and scalable recipients like Graphite and InfluxDB.
In my talk I will explain how the features in Icinga2 work and how we can benefit from the automatically collected performance data of most plugins. By showing concrete examples I will bring you closer to the most important features of Grafana and the idea of graphs telling stories.

About Blerim

Blerim is the Icinga Product Manager for partner and integrations. He always tries to find new ways to integrate Icinga with other tools and technologies.

Blerim Sheqa

Product Manager Partners & Integrations, Icinga

Icinga Director

Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 make a perfect couple. With the Icinga Director we are going to present a bleeding edge configuration tool for an even more pleasant workflow. Director tries to target two main audiences. Those with the desire to completely automate their datacenter and those who wish to get a comfortable frontend allowing them to delegate most of their daily work. What makes Icinga Director so special is the fact that it tries to target both of them at once.
Complete audit of every single change? Custom-tailored access? Provide a self-service web frontend without security concerns? Rollback at any time, central control for distributed Icinga Clusters? Import data from multiple CMDBs? Puppet or similar tools? Even in it’s very first release the Director captives with an impressive feature set. This talk will give a short profound introduction to this powerful new tool.

Thomas Gelf

Architect, Icinga

Icinga Web 2 – 2.4.0

This talk will demo Web 2’s hot stuff like its API, CLI, simple configuration, intuitive design and integration with Icinga 2. Last but not least, we share future prospects of Web 2 and upcoming modules for enhancing your monitoring and DevOps stack.

Eric Lippmann

CTO, Icinga