Icinga Camp Belgrade – Talks

What you can expect

We are happy to have an amazing linup for Icinga Camp Belgrade 2016. See our camp schedule for more details.

Welcome & State of the Icinga

A really short introduction into the day and the current state of the Icinga project.

Bernd Erk

CEO & Co-Founder, Icinga

A true insight in the ITAF monitoring infrastructure using Icinga

About Dieter

Free Software enthusiast (using Linux OS’s for 15+ years). Youth movement member since 1994. IT generalist with a focus on Security & networking. Product specialist & management role.

Dieter Van Houtte


Icinga 2 – Apify them all

Fetch status information, trigger actions, receive events, manage configuration files, and even – modify and create objects purely at run-time. This talk will give insights into the current development of 2.5, explain how the REST API is designed and showcase several use cases in live demos. Of course there’s also space for feedback and hacking together during Icinga Camp.

Michael Friedrich

Icinga 2 Developer & Community Manager, Team Icinga

Icinga Web 2 – 2.3.4

This talk will demo Web 2’s hot stuff like its API, CLI, simple configuration, intuitive design and integration with Icinga 2. Last but not least, we share future prospects of Web 2 and upcoming modules for enhancing your monitoring and DevOps stack.

Bernd Erk

CEO & Co-Founder, Icinga

Fedora Ambassador talk

About Momcilo

Long experience in PC manufacturing and troubleshooting. Free Software enthusiast and Fedora Ambassador. Currently working as a Linux Administrator.

Momcilo Medic

Fedora Ambassador, ITAF