Thank You – Icinga Camp Portland after PuppetConf

October 10, 2015 | Portland, OR

Icinga Camp Portland

Thanks for joining us in Portland. Here you can find all slides and pictures.



We had a great time in Portland with a lot of interesting talks

Our local organizers

Thanks to our local support from Puppetlabs – Without them Icinga Camp Portland would not be possible. puppetlabs

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Join a fully packed monitoring day with talks from the Icinga team and other great speakers. The program is followed by open discussions.

State of the Icinga

Icinga is over six years old now and a lot happened until today. 2016 is a big year for Icinga again and in addition to the release of Icinga 2.4 which is planned for November, Icinga Web 2 will be out this summer.

But we will not get tired and there is a lot to come. This talk will give a brief introduction into the Icinga community, the current software architecture and the latest news about the project.

Bernd Erk

Project & Community Manager

Collaborative Incident Response with Icinga + StackStorm

During an IT outage, the only thing that matters is restoring services. As an industry, we have process to handle this, but the communication and coordination around recovery becomes increasingly complex as systems and teams grow. Enter: ChatOps. This term is all about bringing together conversations you are already having with work already being done. By integrating common IT tools with Chat, and teams can effectively communicate system status, run shared troubleshooting tools, and even begin to wire up full event-driven recovery.

This talk will discuss and show examples of incident troubleshooting and remediation around Icinga, StackStorm, and a model infrastructure. The talk will show how to get started with ChatOps, how ChatOps can assist with all stages of Incident Response and Troubleshooting, and how ChatOps can be integrated with existing tools

About James

James Fryman is an Information Technologist who builds, designs, curates, and evangelizes automation in all layers of the IT stack. Over the last decade, he has held roles in Information Technology that include the domains of Information Security, Service Delivery, IT Operations, Development, and IT Management. He has learned through these experiences the importance of automation in all facets of Information Technology to accelerate delivery, reduce human errors throughout an application lifecycle. James most recently worked at GitHub assisting in the development and curation of systems scaling within the Operations group. He is also a frequent speaker on the topic of automation at conferences throughout the world.

James Fryman


Icinga Web 2 – 2.0.0

In the early October we finally bring home the bacon as we’re releasing the first stable version of Icinga Web 2. This talk will demo Web 2’s hot stuff like its API, CLI, simple configuration, intuitive design and integration with Icinga 2. Last but not least, we share future prospects of Web 2 and upcoming modules for enhancing your monitoring and DevOps stack.

Eric Lippmann

Lead Icinga Web 2 Developer

Configuring an Icinga2 topology with PuppetDB queries

One of the problems of building a complex topology in Icinga2 is that it can require a lot of manual intervention to assign the various nodes to their appropriate place in the topology. You need to know which nodes belong in a given zone, what the parent zone is, and define endpoints for those zone members. This process can be simplified by using configuration management systems like Puppet. Traditionally Puppet has a harder time solving this problem due to the way it exchanges information across nodes. Exported resources exchange entire objects rather than simply data which makes it harder to do service discovery.

This talk will show how we can leverage a combination of facts, Hiera, and PuppetDB queries to build Puppet code which will automatically configure new Icinga2 nodes. It will show how we can get around the exported resources issue by simply exchanging data through using PuppetDB queries. The talk will provide examples of how users can reliably and safely apply these patterns to their own Icinga2 infrastructure.

About Eric

Eric Zounes is an Operations Engineer who has managed core services such as logging/metrics and monitoring infrastructure for the past couple of years. He has a background in Computer Science with an emphasis in systems. His primary interest is monitoring and he constantly reflects on how it relates to other core services. He also spends time trying to completely automate himself so he can focus on more interesting problems. In his free time, he likes cooking and playing an unhealthy amount of pinball.

Eric Zounes

PuppetLabs Inc.

Icinga 2 v2.4: Apify them all

We’ve come a long way with Icinga 2 – advanced configuration using apply rules, cluster and high availability capabilities, multiple features out-of-the-box, etc. Development did not stop there – apart from fixing bugs and ensuring the stability and quality of Icinga 2 we’ve also wrapped our heads about more features to come.

One feature demanded quite often – create a unified API for Icinga 2. Fetch status information, trigger actions, receive events, manage configuration files, and even – modify and create objects purely at run-time. This talk will give insights into the current development of 2.4, explain how the REST API is designed and showcase several use cases in live demos. Of course there’s also space for feedback and hacking together during Icinga Camp.

Michael Friedrich

Icinga Core Developer

Icinga Web 2 is more than just another front-end
Icinga Web 2 is lightweight, more powerful and faster than its predecessor. But the fun is just getting started. To make life easier for module writers, we’ve kept most of our development work under the radar. And now our first modules are ready for production.
Integrate Puppet and Foreman, show beautiful graphs based on on RRD or Graphite, orchestration of business processes, follow your Logstash information in realtime or just want to to link tickets to your monitoring or integrate them completely?
This talk will delve into the Icinga Web 2 architecture, explain how addons and other modules can be integrated, and give a few practical examples along the way.

Thomas Gelf

Icinga Web 2 Developer

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