Security Issues

We support the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities and therefore ask for sufficient time to patch the issue before publishing the details.

Security Reports

Please send us all security related issues to security(at) Use this address for all Icinga products, including any of Icinga’s web services. If you would like to encrypt your message, please use our PGP Key, the fingerprint is 4A7E 2D51 E626 E324 87E4 D9A7 AA5F 3BFF 899B 6DA5 and the key ID AA5F3BFF899B6DA5.

You can download our public key from, search for the email address or key ID.

Submitting an Issue

We accept only security related issues through this channel. For bugs and feature requests please use the projects issue tracker. When we receive an issue and agree it is a vulnerability, we will contact you and plan the next steps together.

For a full list of all Icinga related CVEs, please visit