May 17, 2023

Icinga Camp Berlin

Icinga Camps are the perfect platform to learn new things and share knowledge. Icinga developers, community members and enterprise users come together to discuss the latest monitoring trends and share their best practices with Icinga.

Community Call

We would like to chat with you about current developments, what you as the community have been up to, what you’re interested in and discuss some of your ideas on how we could do better.

Upcoming Call: April 6th 2023 – 4:30PM (CEST) 

Our Community Call will be a very casual get together in the form of a video call via Jitsi. Anyone can join the call to participate, or you can follow the discussion on youtube.


Participate via Jitsi

If you want to join the call, make sure you have a working microphone and headphones, and if possible also a working camera.

    I agree to process my personal data

    If you can't take place, feel free to leave us a voice message here, that we can answer during the call.
    Or just some nice words that we can relay!

    You'll receive an email with the recording of the call when it is uploaded to YouTube!

    Upcoming Trainings

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    17.01.2023Icinga 2 Fundamentals🇩🇪Netways GmbH
    06.02.2023Icinga 2 Fundamentals🇬🇧Dexor GmbH
    21.02.2023Icinga 2 Advanced🇬🇧Dexor GmbH
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    22.05.2023Icinga 2 Advanced🇬🇧Dexor GmbH
    13.06.2023Icinga 2 Advanced🇩🇪Netways GmbH
    11.07.2023Icinga 2 Fundamentals🇩🇪Netways GmbH
    28.08.2023Icinga 2 Fundamentals🇬🇧Dexor GmbH
    11.09.2023Icinga 2 Advanced🇬🇧Dexor GmbH
    26.09.2023Icinga 2 Advanced🇩🇪Netways GmbH
    17.10.2023Icinga 2 Fundamentals🇩🇪Netways GmbH
    06.11.2023Icinga 2 Fundamentals🇬🇧Dexor GmbH
    20.11.2023Icinga 2 Advanced🇬🇧Dexor GmbH
    05.12.2023Icinga 2 Advanced🇩🇪Netways GmbH

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