Releasing Icinga Web v2.12

by | Sep 22, 2023

Today we’re announcing the general availability of Icinga Web v2.12.0.

You can find all issues related to this release on our Roadmap. Please make sure to also check the respective upgrading section in the documentation.

PHP 8.2 Support

This release finally adds support for the latest version of PHP, 8.2. This means that installations on Debian Bookworm, Ubuntu 23.10 and Fedora 38+ can now install Icinga Web without worrying about PHP related incompatibilities. Some of our other modules still require an update, which they will receive in the coming weeks. Next week Icinga DB Web will follow. Icinga Certificate Monitoring, Icinga Business Process Modeling and Icinga Reporting the weeks after.

  • Support for PHP 8.2 #4918

Simplified Database Migrations

Anyone who already performed an upgrade of Icinga Web or some Icinga Web module in the past has done it: A database schema upgrade. This usually involved the following steps:

  • Knowing that a database might need an upgrade
  • Figuring out if that’s true, by checking the upgrade documentation
  • Alternatively relying on the users to find out about it as they’re running into database errors
  • Locating the upgrade file
  • Connecting to the machine the database is running on
  • Transferring the upgrade file over
  • Importing the upgrade file into the correct database

With Icinga Web v2.12 and later, upgrade the application and, yes, still check the upgrade documentation. That’s still mandatory! But if you notice there, that just a database upgrade is necessary you can simply log in and check the Migrations section in the System menu. With a single additional click you can perform the database upgrade directly in the UI then. This view also offers to migrate module databases. The earlier mentioned updates of Icinga Certificate Monitoring and Icinga Reporting will pop up there once they arrive.

  • Provide a way to easily perform database migrations #5043

Content-Security-Policy Conformance

Err, what? That’s an HTTP header to prevent cross site scripting attacks. (XSS) Still confused? It’s a technique to stop bad individuals. A very effective technique even. You don’t need to do anything, other than visiting the general configuration of Icinga Web and enabling the respective setting. The only downer here, is that support for it isn’t as widespread yet as you might hope. Icinga Web itself of course has it, but not all modules. But don’t worry, you might have guessed it already, those are the same modules which will receive updates in the coming weeks.

  • Support for Content-Security-Policy #4528

Other Notable Changes

There are not only such big changes as previously mentioned part of this release.

Some module developers may be happy to hear that there is now more control for the server over the UI possible. And with a new Javascript event it is now possible to react upon a column’s content being moved to another column. Now built-in into the framework is also an easy way to mark content in the UI as being copiable with a single click by the user.

  • Allow to initiate a refresh with __REFRESH__ #5108
  • Don’t refresh twice upon __CLOSE__ #5106
  • Add event column-moved #5049
  • Add copy-to-clipboard behavior #5041

Then there are some fixes related to other integrations. It is now possible to set up resources for Oracle databases, without a host setting, which facilitate dynamic host name resolution. A part of the monitoring module’s integration into the Icinga Certificate Monitoring prevents a crash of its collector daemon in case the connection to the IDO was interrupted. And exported content, with data that has double quotes, to CSV is now correctly escaped.

  • Access Oracle Database via tnsnames.ora / LDAP Naming Services #5062
  • Reduce risk of crashing the x509 collector daemon #5115
  • CSV export does not escape double quotes #4910

Additional Releases

This time we’re releasing two additional updates for modules. For the Icinga Cube and Icinga Graphite Integration. See below for more details:

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