How Tenacta Group uses Icinga

by | Mar 13, 2023

This is a blogpost from Livio Daina from Tenacta Group

Tenacta Group is an Italian company with a portfolio of worldwide leading brands that share the same mission: to develop designs and technological innovations that will improve people’s quality of life.

We have been using Icinga since its early days, specifically version 1 after the fork from Nagios. We have continued using Icinga because we like its direction for future improvements and appreciate the support of the Icinga community.

Our Icinga installation consists of two hosts running the most up-to-date version of the software. The configuration of the two monitoring environments is the same, with the double installation in place to ensure continued monitoring in the event of an update failure on the first host.

We use Icinga to monitor a variety of devices, including approximately 120-130 virtual hosts (running both Windows and Linux), VMware ESXi hosts, SAN, printers, and any IP address on the network that can be pinged or verified by Icinga. In total, we are monitoring around 1,200 services and 270-300 hosts. This number can increase when the Oracle ERP needs to be updated, requiring new servers to be configured before the old version is replaced.

We also use Icinga to monitor Oracle instance availability, tablespace usage, and other parameters. If anything changes, such as a value being updated in a specific table, Icinga will alert both IT and business personnel.

We have also integrated Icinga with our business processes. For example, we use Icinga to monitor the exchange of business data files with logistic partners. If an automatic procedure encounters an error while uploading or downloading a file, Icinga will alert the appropriate personnel. Additionally, we monitor our mail delivery process using Icinga to ensure that emails are being sent and received as expected.

We chose Icinga because it allows us to script integrations between the client and server, monitor both classic hardware and business processes, and benefit from excellent support offered by the Icinga community. We also appreciate the Icinga Director, which enables us to connect to VMware, and the user-friendly interface. Finally, we note that Icinga has “saved” us from potential IT infrastructure failures by warning us of problems before they occur, provided the software is configured correctly.

This was a blogpost from Livio Daina from Tenacta Group

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