Releasing Icinga Director Branches v1.3: Enhanced Branching for Better Configuration Management

by | Feb 9, 2023

If you’re an Icinga user, you already know the importance of having a streamlined and efficient configuration management process. With the release of Icinga Director Branches v1.3, this process just got even better! In this latest version, Icinga Director introduces several enhancements to its branching system, making it even easier to manage and deploy your Icinga 2 configurations.

One of the key changes in Director Branches v1.3 is the introduction of a new “Default” branch. This branch is specifically designed for testing and previewing changes before they are deployed to production. With this new branch, you can see exactly how your changes will impact your environment before they go live, reducing the risk of configuration errors. Once you merge the default branch it will be automatically recreated so you can start working in a clean environment again.

In addition to these enhancements, Icinga Director Branches 1.3 also includes several performance improvements and bug fixes, making it an even more reliable and effective tool for managing your Icinga 2 configurations.

Whether you’re a small organization or a large enterprise, the Icinga Director’s enhanced branching capabilities make it easier than ever to administer your Icinga 2 configurations. With its improved flexibility, stability, and security, Icinga Director Branches v1.3 is the perfect tool for streamlining your deployment process and ensuring the success of your Icinga 2 environment.

Get Started

The Director Branches module is available in version 1.3, check out the documentation. The new module is available to customers with any type of subscription. Existing Icinga customers get free access and will be contacted by their local Icinga partners. Newcomers get a free 60-days-trial period.

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