Icinga Director v1.9 released: Improved permissions, new config options and more

by | Feb 21, 2022

This release of Icinga Director includes a bunch of new options to make your daily monitoring business easier and more comfortable. It includes many fixes as well as some new features for Sync Rules, Configuration Baskets and Permissions. Check out the Changelog for a detailed list about all changes.

You can get started with Icinga Director by just adding the module to your Icinga installation: Follow the installation guide.


Import and Sync

You sometimes may have to deal with temporarily disabled hosts in your infrastructure. While it’s easy to set maintenance windows in Icinga, that’s not always sufficient when dealing with imports from third party databases. Icinga Director now supports the option to just disable a host when synchronising imported hosts. This way you don’t loose the configuration and enable the hosts easily once they’re ready for production again. Additionally, we added a new “group by” property modifier.


Configuration Baskets

Icinga Director supports Configuration Baskets to export and import configuration objects. A basket contains a set of Configuration Objects like Templates, Commands, Import/Sync definitions and many more. You can create Basket snapshots at any time, this will persist a serialized representation of all involved objects at that moment in time. Snapshots can be exported, imported, shared and restored – to the very same or another Director instance.

We extended the list of available Configuration Objects available for Baskets by adding Users, User-Templates and -Groups. Additionally, now you can also add Data Field Categories to your Baskets.


Permissions and Restrictions

With Icinga’s role based access control you can already define many different permissions and restrictions for different users and groups. This enables you to allow multiple teams of your organization to work with the same monitoring tool. With Icinga Director v1.9 you can now additionally allow those restricted users to modify the hosts and services they’re allowed to see, without granting them full access to the Director module. Additionally, we added new permissions to allow certain roles to add scheduled downtimes.



Please check module dependencies, we raised some of them. In case you’re missing one of them, the Web UI will tell you after the upgrade. You’ll then be prompted to apply pending Database Migrations.

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