Releasing Icinga Web v2.9.2

by | Jul 28, 2021

Today we’re announcing the general availability of Icinga Web v2.7.6, v2.8.4 and v2.9.2. All are standard bugfix releases and include fixes found by the community since the latest releases.

You can find all issues related to this release on our Roadmap. Please make sure to also check the respective upgrading section in the documentation.

This release is accompanied by the minor releases v2.7.6 and v2.8.4 which include the fix for the flattened custom variables.


Pancakes everywhere

One of the security fixes included in v2.7.5, v2.8.3 and v2.9.0 went rampant and let you see similarities between custom variables and pancakes. These are gone now. Also, the login allowed some users to bake pancakes on their CPUs. However, we’d still recommend not to. What we do recommend, is to use graphical details to ease recognition. A pancake 🥞 in performance data labels for example.

  • Nested custom variables are flattened #4439
  • Disable login orb animation and all orbs for themes #4468
  • SVG chart library doesn’t process input as UTF-8 #4462


Staying remembered too difficult

We all have sometimes difficulties remembering people we rarely meet. Especially obvious is this on those that slip through because they don’t do the same things we do. With v2.9.0 this has happened for PostgreSQL, PHP v5.6-v7.0 and setup wizard users. Now they get their deserved attention, and Icinga Web 2 will remember them just like all others.

  • RememberMe not working with only PostgreSQL #4441
  • RememberMe compatibility with php version 5.6+ #4472
  • RememberMe fails after running the wizard for grants #4434

The alert administrators ready to upgrade ASAP yesterday may have noticed that there has already been a v2.9.1 release. Well, above I’ve joked about us and PostgreSQL and it couldn’t be more true. A fix in v2.9.1 wasn’t compatible with it again, and that’s why there’s a v2.9.2 now already.


Being picky pays off

A custom datetime picker was introduced with v2.9.0. It had it’s issues, but we didn’t anticipate that much headwind. After careful reconsideration, we chose to only show the custom datetime picker for Firefox and IE users. Other browsers have their own capable enough native implementation which, in Chrome’s case, may even be superior. If it is now used, it also closes automatically and doesn’t swallow unrelated key presses.

  • Datetimepicker not usable by keyboard #4442
  • Close the datepicker automatically #4461
  • Paragraphs in Acknowledge/Downtime not possible #4443

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