Today we’re announcing the general availability of Icinga Web v2.8.0. Besides the compatibility with IcingaDB, this release includes fixes for access controls, support for newer PHP and MySQL versions and additional search functionality. Icinga Web 2.8-RC1 was part of the RC1 release of IcingaDB.


Support for PHP 7.4 and MySQL 8

We made sure that you won’t be disappointed by Icinga Web 2 if you’re running PHP 7.4 or trying to access a MySQL database with version 8+. These should pose no issues anymore now. But if you still somehow managed to get issues please let us now and we’ll fix it asap.

  • Exceptions with MySQL 8 #3740
  • Support for PHP 7.4 #4009


Find What You Search For

It’s been previously not possible to properly filter for range values. This was especially true for custom variables where, if you searched for e.g. _host_interfaces>=20, you wouldn’t find the correct results. If you often copy some values in our search fields you may also been a victim of extraneous spaces which are now automatically trimmed.

  • Filter: more/less than doesn’t seem to working #3974
  • Search object followed by a space finds no results #4002


Don’t Leave Your Little Sheep Unattended

It’s time again to further restrict your users. It’s now possible to completely block any access to contacts and contact groups for specific roles. These won’t ever see again who’s notified and who’s not. Also, if you are using single accounts for a group of people you can now disable password changes for those.

  • Prohibit access to contacts and contactgroups #3973
  • Allow to forbid password changes on specific user accounts #3286


In and Out, Access Control Done Right

While we have no burgers (but cookies!) you are nevertheless welcome to visit Icinga Web 2. And now you can also successfully leave while being externally authenticated and unsuccessfully enter while being unable to not add extraneous spaces to your username.

  • External logout not working from the navigation dashboard #3995
  • Username with extraneous spaces are not invalid #4030


There are plenty of other smaller fixes, you can find all issues related to this release on our Roadmap. Please make sure to always read our Upgrading documentation before switching to a new version.