… 6 new (including a couple old) members officially to the team!
From helping create Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 to continuing Icinga 1.x development, packaging and testing, we sure are glad to have the extra hands on deck.

Team Core

GERD V. EGIDY | “gvegidy
Joining the Icinga 2 effort in April, Gerd brings with him 15+ years of C++ development and Linux sys admin experience. Head of support and consulting at Intra2net by day, Gerd is a now an Icinga developer, mountain biker, ice cream maker and coffee roaster by night.

Team Packaging

sstarrSHAWN STARR |spstarr
Fedora/EPEL/RHEL specialist, Shawn helps maintain the official RPMs for Icinga. He has been a Fedora packager since 2006 and is also on the Fedora QA team. On the side, he contributed the Plasma weather applet/engine API to KDE 4.x/5.x. Joined in January 2014.
skottlerSAM KOTTLER | “shk
Sam works on packaging, security, and distribution issues for Icinga as of February, from his base in NYC. In addition to his work on Icinga, he works at Red Hat on systems management and cloud guest initialization problems. Sam also helps maintain the Ruby, Erlang, and monitoring stacks (not to mention monitoring-plugins) in Fedora and is the maintainer of the Puppet 2.7 branch.

Team Web & Mobile

elippmannERIC LIPPMANN | “lippser
A PHP and Javascript developer, Eric works solidly on Icinga Web 2. He is known in the monitoring community for the performance monitoring extension, inGraph and has been responsible for many Icinga Web Cronk concepts and ideas in the past. Joined in the summer of 2011.
tgelfTHOMAS GELF | “tgelf
Thomas specialises in Icinga Web 2 development, occasionally contributing ideas to Icinga Core. Professionally an Icinga and Puppet consultant/trainer, Thomas boasts nearly two decades of development experience in various languages. Officially joined in 2014.

Team Quality Assurance & Docs

sbauknechtSVEN BAUKNECHT | “tuxifier
Previously a padawan, Sven helps test Icinga and add to the growing knowledge base that is the Icinga Wiki. A long-time Linux user and monitoring professional, he has been using Icinga since its first year of conception. Joined in November 2012.
Cheers to our newest team members! Thanks for helping us keep Icinga on the evolutionary ascent.  If you see them around the community, don’t forget to give them a virtual fist bump.