There is a wealth of information that can be gathered by Icinga’s monitoring core. The question is, how best to visualise it? To complement the Icinga Classic and Icinga Web UIs, there are plenty of great addons to map your network with real time status information, connect the dots in monitoring business processes and even see the temperature distribution in a data center. Below are just a couple examples – the possibilities are endless.
NagVisNagVis is an Icinga compatible addon that displays colour-coded, monitoring information in myriad ways – on network maps, server-rack photos, maps of data centers and geographical regions. As it also supports the Business Process Addons for Nagios and Icinga, it too can offer visuals that connect the chain of business processes and their consequent availability.
Requisites: Icinga Core with IDOUtils (with MySQL database and MKLivestatus), web server, PHP, Graphvis (for Automap feature)
Features: Scalable network maps (Automap), network overlays on Open Street Maps (Geomap), traffic flow visualisation (Weathermap), status overlays on images, mouse-over host/service details, optional performance data graphing, web configuration UI, installer tool.
Version compatibility: All NagVis versions (v1.7.4 at time of writing) with all Icinga versions
More info & documentation:
BusinessProcessAddonsAs mentioned above, the Business Process Addons are two tools that help visualise the relationships between monitored objects that form business processes. The ‘Business Process View’ addon displays the aggregate status of a business process, based on the statuses of component hosts/service, accounting for dependencies and priority levels. The ‘Business Impact’ addon simulates the failure of one or more components to analyse the consequences for an overall business process. In Icinga Web, the ‘Business Process View’ is currently supported as a native cronk, boasting extra features.
Requisites: Icinga Core with IDOUtils, web server, Perl (with CGI, DBI and JSON::XS modules)
Features: ‘And / or’ process configurations, priorities, processes within processes configuration, component hosts and services drill down views, and comments. The Business Process cronk for Icinga Web also features drag n drop process configuration editor, event history sidebar, and dynamic tree views.
Version compatibility: All ‘Business Process Addons’ versions (v0.9.6 at time of writing) with all Icinga Core versions. The Business Process Icinga cronk is packaged with Icinga-Web v1.0.3 and newer.
More info & demo system:
NagMapA simple little standalone addon, NagMap displays colour-coded, status information as pins and network links on Google Maps.
Requisites: Web server, PHP
Features: Network overlays on Google Maps, call outs with links to Icinga Classic or Web, MRTG and Smokeping pages for detailed status information.
Version compatibility: All NagMap versions (v 1.0 at time of writing) with all Icinga versions
More info & documentation:
HeatmapForIcingaHeatmap is a tool that simulates and displays the thermal profile of a server room or data center as a colour-coded map. Using Icinga monitoring information, rack, sensor positions and airflow definitions, it generates a thermal model that simulates the distribution of heat to detect temperature problems early. It is a cronk built specifically for Icinga Web.
Requisites: Icinga Web (and IDOUtils), MySQL database, PHP (with CLI and gd, mysql libraries), optional ImageMagick image manipulation library
Features: Drag ‘n’ drop editor for mapping server rooms, heat flow simulation, dashboard, custom colour schemes and map generation scheduling.
Version compatibility: All Heatmap versions with all Icinga Web versions
More info & documentation: