On the road for Icinga

Icinga on tour August 2015 - DebConf - FrOSConWe always want to bring Icinga and our work as a project closer to the people, show them what we do, and what Icinga can do for them.
Over the last few days I visited the DebConf15 and the FrOSCon, both in Germany, but still with the focus on a international audience.
Check the videos and slides if you are interested what I was talking about, the catchphrase is “Why favour Icinga over Nagios“.
There was also another talk about Icinga2 monitoring, for a business intelligence software, might be interesting for our German speaking users.


(Short edition)

Download Video – other Videos from DebConf

FrOSCon 2015

(Long edition)

Video: details and download – other Videos from FrOSCon

Datawarehouse Monitoring mit Icinga2 (GERMAN)

Gehalten von Sebastian Henrich

Details and download

Back from FroSCon 2014

FrOSCon LogoLast weekend the FroSCon (Free and Open Source Software Conference) took place in Sankt Augustin (Germany), one of the big and always interesting Open Source conferences in Europe. I used the opportunity to talk about the current state of Icinga, current news, and mostly Icinga 2 and the upcoming Icinga Web 2.
There was also a recording of the talk. Unfortunately for the English guys reading our blog, the talk itself was held in German, due to the mostly German audience. The slides are in English though.
Ralf C. Staudemeyer (@n0airc0n), one of the authors of the “Nagios/Icinga Kochbuch”, held a talk about “Zero-cost security monitoring”, make sure to check his talk out as well! (Also German)
You can also find information about the other talks on their website, and most of the talks were recorded, some are in English!
Thanks to the great people behind the conference, it was a pleasure to participate!
Icinga 1, Icinga2 @ FrOSCon 2014 from media.ccc.de

Slides FrOSCon 2014

A few impressions

FrOSCon 2011 – Snaps & Slides

Back from the 6th FrOSCon just this past weekend, and we have a couple of happy snaps and presentation slides to share.

This year we were there with a presentation as well as a project booth. In his speech, Marius gave a nice introduction to Icinga and the particulars of the new web interface. His slides (German) can be found here and below.

It was great to meet so many visitors who had already installed Icinga and even the new web interface. In fact the interest in Icinga New Web generally was a nice surprise; especially coming from professionals running larger enterprise environments who were glad to finally find what they’d been looking for in our UI. That, alongside the fact that few asked for an explanation of Icinga compared to Nagios, is a good sign that we are slowly gaining recognition as a monitoring tool in our own right.
We thank the organisers for a great event and all those who came by to visit us!

Icinga at FrOSCon 2011 coming up!

This weekend 20 – 21 August, Icinga will join the Free and Open Source Conference (FrOSCon) in Sankt Augustin for the second time.
Organised by the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg with the support of LUUSA and FrOSCon e.V, the event is in its 6th year running. It will present a jam-packed program ranging from presentations and workshops, to LPI and TYPO3 exams and even kids workshops. Alongside all this, over 50 open source projects will be exhibiting there, including Debian, OTRS, PostgreSQL and Perl.
We’ll be there with a project stand and a presentation by Marius, from the Web & API team on the latest developments in that area.
Tickets are just €5 for two days, so if you happen to be around town, drop by and say hello!

Icinga at the FrOSCon 2010

We’re currently represented at the FrOSCon fair in Sankt Augustin, Germany, with our own booth.
It’s good to see that there’s a lot of interest in Icinga and we got a lot of positive and constructive feedback from all different kinds of users, developers and administrators. Sometimes people even had to stay in line to ask their questions.
It’s particularly exciting to see the reactions on the new web interface, which will be released as stable in October. It seems that we really met the communities expectations of a modern monitoring solution. But also the improved made to the classic-interface (sending multiple commands, for example) got a lot of positive reactions by long term Nagios® users. Most visitors decided to switch to Icinga (or at least try it out) after they saw the advantages.
Today we’re still at the FrOSCon the whole day. Why don’t you come over and visit us?
There are also a lot of other interesting free and open source projects, just take a look at the exhibitor list.