State of Icinga for Kubernetes

As Kubernetes continues to dominate the realm of container orchestration, the need for effective monitoring solutions becomes increasingly critical. In this presentation, we discuss our approach for Kubernetes monitoring through the development of a dedicated module for Icinga. This module represents a paradigm shift in how we monitor Kubernetes clusters, addressing the unique challenges posed by their dynamic and distributed nature.

The talk will delve into the complexities of monitoring Kubernetes, highlighting the limitations of existing methods and the necessity for a tailored solution. From the ephemeral nature of containers to the complexities of service discovery and scalability, traditional monitoring tools often fall short in providing comprehensive insights into Kubernetes environments.

Drawing upon real-world experiences and insights gained from our research, we will explore the architecture and functionality of the new Icinga module. By leveraging the strengths of Icinga’s monitoring framework, coupled with Kubernetes-specific capabilities, we demonstrate how this module empowers users to gain deeper visibility, detect errors, and ensure the reliability of their Kubernetes deployments.


June 5 | 17:00 – 17:30



Session Type

Presentation (30 min.)

Eric Lippmann

CTO, Icinga

Eric is the CTO at Icinga and responsible for the management of the research and development as well as Icinga’s technological needs. Eric has over a decade of experience working with web development, and IT infrastructure management. At Icinga he implements the organization’s technical strategy and helps create new business strategies.

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