Icinga 2: from zero to hero (How Icinga2 became our central monitor)

Icinga has become our go-to monitoring tool, offering the flexibility and reliability needed for a variety of monitoring tasks. In this presentation, we’ll share our experience with Icinga 2, from the early stages of deployment to advanced configurations and customizations.

We begin by explaining why we chose Icinga and how we started using it in our environment. This includes our methods for setting up and configuring checks, as well as how we roll out checks when introducing new systems.

We’ll also discuss our use of Icinga Web, highlighting key modules and configurations that boost our monitoring efficiency. Additionally, we’ll explore custom checks we’ve written and how we’ve integrated other monitoring tools to extend Icinga’s capabilities.


June 6 | 10:30 – 11:00



Session Type

Presentation (30 min.)

Axel Hahn

Network Administrator, University of Bern

My name is Axel Hahn, I am a system administrator at Institute for Medical Education (IML) at the University of Bern. After 7 years as web developer and system administrator in an internet agency I worked for 6 years as webmaster at Swiss radio and television. For 11 years I work now for the IML,
We automate our server installations – 3 years ago we switched from Puppet to Ansible. I love to code in Bash an PHP and write needed functionality with scripts or can write a web UI if needed.

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