How we built our monitoring system for us… and everyone else

I will take you through the journey of how we built our centralized monitoring environment capable of serving our many customers, each having unique and sometimes very special needs. We’ll walk through the challenges we faced, the solutions we developed, and how we successfully created a comprehensive, multi-project monitoring system.

On our way we created some useful tools and automations and since we strongly believe in the power of shared knowledge we decided to take them a step further. We open-sourced our internal Ansible Collections and some of your tools, making them freely available to anyone who wishes to participate or simply only benefit from our work.


June 5 | 14:15 – 14:45



Session Type

Presentation (30 min.)

Martin Schurz

IT Architect, Deutsche Telekom MMS

Martin Schurz works at Deutsche Telekom MMS and is responsible for planning and running applications. He spends a lot of time optimizing and automating our IT operations. And he is always happy to share his knowledge or provide assistance to our colleagues and customers.

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