Building Icinga Modules with Scaffoldbuilder

Discover the art of building bespoke Icinga modules in our immersive workshop. Learn to wield Scaffoldbuilder as we guide you through setting up your development environment and crafting modules from scratch.

From configuring settings to integrating with IcingaDB and Director objects, this  session equips developers of all levels with the tools and techniques to unleash their creativity within the Icinga ecosystem. Join us for an enriching journey into module development with Scaffoldbuilder.


June 5 | 15:30 – 17:00



Session Type

Workshop (up to 90 min.)

Nicolas Schneider

Developer, RISE GmbH

My name is Nicolas Schneider, also known as moreamazingnick. I studied medical computer science at TU Wien. I enjoy working with PHP, particularly using the Yii framework, which has an MVC generator. I miss such a feature in IcingaWeb2. Currently, I am employed at RISE GmbH. I am actively engaged in the Icinga community forum, providing assistance to those in need.

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