Icinga 2

Performance oriented

Icinga 2 is built to be fast. Thanks to its multithreaded design, it can run thousands of checks each second without any sign of CPU strain.


Combine high availability clusters with a distributed setup, and you have a best practice scenario for large and complex environments.

Rule based Configuration

Monitoring as code with dynamic configurations. Apply rules to hosts and services to create a continuous monitoring environment.

  "results": [
      "name": "ApiListener",
      "perfdata": [
      "status": {
        "api": {
          "conn_endpoints": [],
          "identity": "demo",


With the RESTful API of Icinga 2 you can update your configurations on the fly or show live information about current problems on your custom dashboards. You can process check results from third party tools or tell the Core to run actions interactively. The interface is secured with SSL. Access control can be configured fine grained and per user.

Performance Monitoring

Icinga 2 supports Graphite and InfluxDB natively. You can send performance data gathered by the monitoring plugin directly to the third party tools. Enriched with metadata information from Icinga you will get an even better insight into the current or historical state of your hosts and services.


When a problem occurs, you will be notified. Be it via e-mail, text message or mobile message applications, Icinga makes sure you don’t miss any outage of your systems. Configure users and groups statically or import them from your existing solution. With apply rules you can dynamically decide who will get the notification and how the escalation chain looks like. All common SaaS solutions for alert and incident management are supported as well.