Icinga Camp Milano – First talks

by | Jul 13, 2023

The next camp in Milan is approaching with big steps and we have only three months to go. Today, we’re happy to give you a glimpse into the first talks.


Current State of Icinga – by Bernd Erk

This talk will be a summary of all news and updates of the last months. Icinga’s managing director Bernd will cover all relevant fields and share updates about the current state of Icinga.


Upgrading Incident Management – by Blerim Sheqa

Next up we are going to highlight our initiative on rebuilding and upgrading Incident Management in Icinga. Our COO Blerim will explain what our developers are at and the positive impact this will have on Icinga as a whole.


Icinga for Kubernetes – by Eric Lippmann

During the past months we learned a lot about the platform and how we can monitor Kubernetes with Icinga efficiently. In this talk our CTO Eric will present our challenges but also the progress that we made.


Monitoring Cooling Units in a pharmaceutical GxP regulated environment – by Felix Joussein

The holy grale in a laboratory environment are the study samples (animal but also human). So regulators (EMA, FDA,..) around the world want to ensure that the sample-stability is at its best. To ensure this, depending on the known stability, temperature ranges in cooling-units are defined and have to be trackable throughout the whole lifecycle of such a sample. Icinga is used to monitor and alert in case of temperature deviations in a GxP (pharmaceutical industry) regulated environment.


More Speakers to Come

Our Call for Papers remains open! If you’re unsure about your participation and topic or you need support as a first-time speaker, please get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to assist and support you! Also, if you’re interested in Sponsoring the Icinga Camp we’re happy to hear from you.


Get ready for Icinga Camp Milan

This Icinga Camp takes place in Milan on October 17, 2023. Find out about all our topics and speakers and everything else at our event site. Register now and save your seat! We’re happy to see you soon again in Milan 🙂

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