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by | Nov 9, 2022

In the past, we have lent out this spot for a bunch of different people who wanted to share their Icinga related stories. From discussing interesting setups, showcasing a cool tool they found, or introducing us to their own work: We love to read about it!


Our previous guests

To start off the series, Sebastian Gumprich told us all about how the T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH manages the Icinga Director with Ansible.

Dave Kempe from Sol1 showed us their tool Meerkat, an alternative Icinga 2 client, that connects to the API and displays the status of various checks using elements, like cards, SVGs or images.

In another showcase of Icinga tools Alexander Biehl from the Thola development team introduced us to Thola. Thola is a tool for monitoring and provisioning network devices written in Go. It features a check plugin mode, which allows direct integration with Icinga.

The Monitoring Plugins from Linuxfabrik are very widely used in the Icinga community. They offer great documentation and a huge variety of plugins that contribute to their popularity. Maybe also in part because they published a blogpost about them on our blog!

And in our latest guest entry Cecilia Gripenberg from RedBridge introduced Guacamole. Guacamole is a tool which lets you connect directly to your servers from within Icinga Web. This means anytime there is a problem you can instantly jump to the server that is affected.

If you want to dig in to the blog posts from our guest authors, check their author page.


Do you want to join the list?

So now you’ve seen a few collaborations that we’ve had in the past – from introducing tools to showcasing environments – we’d be happy to collaborate with you and give your post the spotlight it deserves!
So do you want to write an article as well?

The steps to get on our blog are rather simple:

  1. Contact us on our website, and I will get in touch with youLala wants you to send us a message!
  2. If the topic you want to tell us about has something to do with Icinga you are probably already in the clear!
  3. You can then send over your draft of the post
  4. You can either provide us with a header image, or give me some pointers, so I can make one for you
  5. I will make a review and send you a preview of what it would look like in our blog. We can have as many rounds of adjustments as needed 😉
  6. Finally I’ll let you know when we will publish the post. We’ll share it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

And this is how you publish your very own blogpost on!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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