Apprenticeship at Icinga

by | Jan 12, 2022

After a really nice interview with Blerim and Eric I decided to start an apprenticeship at Icinga as a developer in September 2021.


My apprenticeship experience until now


First week was an introduction week where the new apprentices of all departments got to know each other and the company. Then the next week we had a Linux training (many more trainings to come). After that, I got to meet my colleagues and from the first day in the office I participated in the daily and the weekly meetings. So, already at this moment I got the impression that I‘m part of the team and the company. Which is a great thing for every new employee.

My first project was programming a Tic-Tac-Toe game from scratch using PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I had little to no knowledge of these languages when I started the apprenticeship, so I participated in bootcamps and asked my colleagues for help when I got stuck. Plus learning by doing is the way to go when learning any new programming language.


How does my near future look like at Icinga?


First of all, I‘m very excited for the upcoming apprentice week, where all the new trainees get together and work on a common project. An amount of money and the company car will be provided to us and we get to choose the subject of the project ourselves. Some of the last apprentice week projects you can see at #projectweeks .

Beside school I will participate in trainings such as Basic Network Principles, Icinga 2 Fundamentals and DNS/DHCP.

I will soon also be able to work on real projects and help my colleagues so I‘m really looking forward to that.


I have had a really good experience as a new apprentice so far and I would recommend everyone to work with Icinga.

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