Releasing Icinga for Windows v1.6.1 – Begin the Bug hunt

by | Sep 15, 2021

Last week we happily released Icinga for Windows v1.6.0 and introduced plenty of new features and fixed many bugs

While we extensively tested every feature, we shortly received messages from our community and customers, that certain features did not entirely work as expected in every environment. To ensure everyone can start with Icinga for Windows v1.6, we released version v1.6.1 today.

What is fixed?

With this release we fixed the following issues:

  • #361 Fixes IMC freeze on Icinga Director Self-Service installation, in case “no Agent installation” was set on Self-Service API config
  • #362 Fixes repository component installation from file share locations without local references
  • #363 Fixes unneeded continue for JEA process lookup, in case no JEA pid is present
  • #364 Fixes a long look up for the user table on environments with a large Active Directory
  • #365 Fixes Icinga environment corruption on Icinga Agent installation failure, causing the Agent no longer installable until Icinga folders are manually removed
  • #366 Fixes error handling with Icinga Director over IMC, by printing more detailed and user-friendly error messages
  • #367 Fixes Icinga Director register state not being saved on overview after registration of Host inside Self-Service API
  • #368 Fixes repository lookup on local path for ifw.repo.json, if the json file was added to the file path during repository add
  • #369 Fixes experimental feature warning for API-Check Forwarder feature, which is fully supported since v1.6.0 and replaces it with proper information and link to docs
  • #370 Fixes misleading IMC summary header, implying installation will start immediately on continue
  • #371 Fixes wrong indention on Icinga parent host address at IMC configuration summary overview
  • #373 Fixes repository names with dots (.) by replacing them with -, as otherwise the config parser will fail finding the config object


Thank you very much for the contribution and the provided information, allowing us to quickly track down the problems to resolve them. We appreciate this a lot and looking forward to the next releases of Icinga for Windows and your continued support!

Have a great time!

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