Releasing Icinga 2.11.9 + 2.12.4: Crash Fixes and Reliability Improvements

by | May 27, 2021

Versions 2.11.9 and 2.12.4 are maintenance releases that fix some crashes, improve error handling and add compatibility for systems coming with newer Boost versions.


  • Fix a crash when notification objects are deleted using the API #8782 (2.11.9: #8780)
  • Fix crashes that might occur during downtime scheduling if host or downtime objects are deleted using the API #8785 (2.11.9: #8784)
  • Fix an issue where notifications may incorrectly be skipped after a downtime ends #8775 (2.11.9: #8772)
  • Don’t send reminder notification if the notification is still suppressed by a time period #8808 (2.11.9: not affected)
  • Fix an issue where attempting to create a duplicate object using the API might result in the original object being deleted #8787 (2.11.9: #8788)
  • IDO: prioritize program status updates #8809 (2.11.9: #8810)
  • Improve exceptions handling, including a fix for an uncaught exception on Windows #8777 (2.11.9: #8776)
  • Retry file rename operations on Windows to avoid intermittent locking issues #8771 (2.11.9: #8770)


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