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by | Apr 3, 2020

Hello Everyone!
As Feu had mentioned in their post earlier this week, we are restructuring how we work and how we communicate.
From maintaining the project, to developing, to doing our events and working with you – the community.
We see that we have been underperforming in a few aspects of our work: mainly the open communication with our open source community, and we want to change that. We are confident and want to assure you that, while it is quite the task, we are reallocating a lot of resources and are assembling a larger team to make this change a good one.
Icinga and how we outwardly present ourselves will probably change over the course of the coming months, while everyone finds their own way of handling these tasks.
Since there are now multiple people sharing the workload, we are able to work with more redundancy, have more brains doing the thinking and are building a network that will be more inviting for everyone to participate in, in their own way. We want to include not only the people working for the companies Icinga and NETWAYS, but also the community.
We want to make changes to the way we communicate to enable everyone to work together more efficiently. Starting with more transparency, both in what is happening right now, and what our plans for the future are.
This is obviously not a change that will happen overnight. Some of you might have already seen some changes in the past weeks and there are more to come.
What we all need to remember is, is that all of us are human.
We all want the best, but we will probably also make mistakes. It is a learning experience after all!
Your opinions matter to us, so please, if you have any suggestions, criticisms or want to express your fondness of an idea, you can talk directly to our development advocate, Feu Mourek.
They are here to distribute your input to where it applies and act as an interface between the community and the people that you want to reach.
Feu proposed to have a broader team to tend to the community forum, so we asked around and found a few people that would be interested in taking over some of the categories where they feel like they are knowledgeable. For now, all of those people we asked are from either NETWAYS or Icinga itself, but we would also like to ask you if you want to participate.
Feu will be there to coordinate the tasks that need to be done and hold regular meetings with everyone who wants to be engaged in the project. We do not want to work away in our bubble but instead incorporate all of your expertise and amazing ideas. Without diversity it is a lot more difficult to make an inclusive project.
To start the renovations we will be refurbishing the pinned posts. We want to have new users, when they open the different categories for the first time, to be greeted by the people responsible for those categories. So far, we found some dead links and outdated information that will be updated and re-posted over the coming weeks.
What we are also working on is the general transparency of our Icinga development process: We want to share more updates about our progress, goals, architecture and news. Currently, there is no fixed concept on how to achieve that goal, and we want to invite you to contribute ideas on how to improve this point as well.
In parallel, we work closely with Bodo Schulz to bring his efforts in Icinga Docker images to everyone.
So stay tuned, we will keep you posted!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and stay healthy!
Bernd, Feu and the Icinga team

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