Almost a week ago we wanted to host our first virtual Icinga meetup. In fact, we were so excited about this that we may have rushed into it a little. The result was that the software we used was not able to handle the sheer amount of people joining. Additionally the meetup was hijacked by some strangers because we published our video conference URL. Well, we learned that lesson the hard way.

We are on the task of finding the best software solution for this meetup and stress testing it. We hope to have found a suitable solution soon. To protect you and ourselves we require a registration now – of course the event is for free!

We have a new date and we’re aiming to be prepared for this one. Mark it in your calendar:

When: April 17, 5PM – 7PM (CET)

Register here for the Icinga Virtual Meetup.

You will receive the link to the video/audio conference via email right in time before the event starts.

Some of you have also reached out with some feedback that we wanted to take into consideration. It has been brought to our attention that for a lot of people English is not their native tongue and they may not be confident enough to speak out in front of a group in English.

To offer a way to make yourself heard without needing to speak out in front of the group, we want to offer a way to submit questions and suggestions via text, both before the meetup starts and during. If you want to send us your questions prior to the event, please use our contact form or the message field through the registration process. The chat will be enabled for questions during the session as well.