While we are working hard on our next feature release v2.4 we’ve come across several bugs and backported them into a new bugfix release v2.3.11.
This release improves the cluster stability and adds a couple of new plugin check command definitions for the ITL. It also introduces a new function called “cidr_match”:

$ icinga2 console
Icinga (version: v2.3.0-672-g35cbcde)
<1> cidr_match("", "")
<2> cidr_match("", "")
<3> cidr_match("2a03:2880::/29", "2a03:2880:f022:6:face:b00c:0:2")

Furthermore this release adds a new function resolve_arguments which lets users resolve commands+arguments in exactly the same way Icinga does internally as shown in the example below:

arguments = {
  "-C" = {{
    var command = macro("$by_ssh_command$")
    var arguments = macro("$by_ssh_arguments$")
    if (typeof(command) == String && !arguments) {
      return command
    var escaped_args = []
    for (arg in resolve_arguments(command, arguments)) {
    return escaped_args.join(" ")

Package updates are available soon. Please report any findings on bugs to our development tracker.

What’s New in Version 2.3.11


  • Function for performing CIDR matches: cidr_match()
  • New methods: String#reverse and Array#reverse
  • New ITL command definitions: nwc_health, hpasm, squid, pgsql
  • Additional arguments for ITL command definitions: by_ssh, dig, pop, spop, imap, simap
  • Documentation updates
  • Various bugfixes


  • Feature 9183: Add timestamp support for OpenTsdbWriter
  • Feature 9466: Add FreeBSD setup to getting started
  • Feature 9812: add check command for check_nwc_health
  • Feature 9854: check_command for plugin check_hpasm
  • Feature 10004: escape_shell_arg() method
  • Feature 10006: Implement a way for users to resolve commands+arguments in the same way Icinga does
  • Feature 10057: Command Execution Bridge: Use of same endpoint names in examples for a better understanding
  • Feature 10109: Add check command squid
  • Feature 10112: Add check command pgsql
  • Feature 10129: Add ipv4/ipv6 only to nrpe CheckCommand
  • Feature 10139: expand check command dig
  • Feature 10142: Update debug docs for core dumps and full backtraces
  • Feature 10157: Update graphing section in the docs
  • Feature 10158: Make check_disk.exe CheckCommand Config more verbose
  • Feature 10161: Improve documentation for check_memory
  • Feature 10197: Implement the Array#reverse and String#reverse methods
  • Feature 10207: Find a better description for cluster communication requirements
  • Feature 10216: Clarify on cluster/client naming convention and add troubleshooting section
  • Feature 10219: Add timeout argument for pop, spop, imap, simap commands
  • Feature 10352: Improve timeperiod documentation
  • Feature 10354: New method: cidr_match()
  • Feature 10379: Add a debug log message for updating the program status table in DB IDO


  • Bug 8805: check cluster-zone returns wrong log lag
  • Bug 9322: sending multiple Livestatus commands rejects all except the first
  • Bug 10002: Deadlock in WorkQueue::Enqueue
  • Bug 10079: Improve error message for socket errors in Livestatus
  • Bug 10093: Rather use unique SID when granting rights for folders in NSIS on Windows Client
  • Bug 10177: Windows Check Update -> Access denied
  • Bug 10191: String methods cannot be invoked on an empty string
  • Bug 10192: null + null should not be “”
  • Bug 10199: Remove unnecessary MakeLiteral calls in SetExpression::DoEvaluate
  • Bug 10204: Config parser problem with parenthesis and newlines
  • Bug 10205: config checker reports wrong error on apply for rules
  • Bug 10235: Deadlock in TlsStream::Close
  • Bug 10239: Don’t throw an exception when replaying the current replay log file
  • Bug 10245: Percent character whitespace on Windows
  • Bug 10254: Performance Data Labels including ‘=’ will not be displayed correct
  • Bug 10262: Don’t log messages we’ve already relayed to all relevant zones
  • Bug 10266: “Not after” value overflows in X509 certificates on RHEL5
  • Bug 10348: Checkresultreader is unable to process host checks
  • Bug 10349: Missing Start call for base class in CheckResultReader
  • Bug 10351: Broken table layout in chapter 20
  • Bug 10365: ApiListener::SyncRelayMessage doesn’t send message to all zone members
  • Bug 10377: Wrong connection log message for global zones