The Icinga team is currently working on implementing the API which is scheduled to be included as part of the 2.4.0 release. However, in parallel we’ve also been fixing a number of issues in 2.3. Today we’re releasing these fixes and a few other ITL and documentation updates as version 2.3.9.
As usual packages for 2.3.9 should be available at shortly.
Here’s a list of all changes for this release:

What’s New in Version 2.3.9


  • Fix that the first SOFT state is recognized as second SOFT state
  • Implemented reload functionality for Windows
  • New ITL check commands
  • Documentation updates
  • Various other bugfixes


  • Feature 9527: CheckCommand for check_interfaces
  • Feature 9671: Add check_yum to ITL
  • Feature 9675: Add check_redis to ITL
  • Feature 9686: Update gdb pretty printer docs w/ Python 3
  • Feature 9699: Adding “-r” parameter to the check_load command for dividing the load averages by the number of CPUs.
  • Feature 9747: check_command for plugin check_clamd
  • Feature 9796: Implement Dictionary#get and Array#get
  • Feature 9801: Add check_jmx4perl to ITL
  • Feature 9811: add check command for check_mailq
  • Feature 9827: snmpv3 CheckCommand section improved
  • Feature 9882: Implement the Dictionary#keys method
  • Feature 9883: Use an empty dictionary for the ‘this’ scope when executing commands with Livestatus
  • Feature 9985: add check command nscp-local-counter
  • Feature 9996: Add new arguments openvmtools for Open VM Tools


  • Bug 8979: Missing DEL_DOWNTIME_BY_HOST_NAME command required by Classic UI 1.x
  • Bug 9262: cluster check w/ immediate parent and child zone endpoints
  • Bug 9623: missing config warning on empty port in endpoints
  • Bug 9769: Set correct X509 version for certificates
  • Bug 9773: Add log for missing EventCommand for command_endpoints
  • Bug 9779: Trying to set a field for a non-object instance fails
  • Bug 9782: icinga2 node wizard don’t take zone_name input
  • Bug 9806: Operator + is inconsistent when used with empty and non-empty strings
  • Bug 9814: Build fix for Boost 1.59
  • Bug 9835: Dict initializer incorrectly re-initializes field that is set to an empty string
  • Bug 9860: missing check_perfmon.exe
  • Bug 9867: Agent freezes when the check returns massive output
  • Bug 9884: Warning about invalid API function icinga::Hello
  • Bug 9897: First SOFT state is recognized as second SOFT state
  • Bug 9902: typo in docs
  • Bug 9912: check_command interfaces option match_aliases has to be boolean
  • Bug 9913: Default disk checks on Windows fail because check_disk doesn’t support -K
  • Bug 9928: Add missing category for IDO query
  • Bug 9947: Serial number field is not properly initialized for CA certificates
  • Bug 9961: Don’t re-download NSCP for every build
  • Bug 9962: Utility::Glob on Windows doesn’t support wildcards in all but the last path component
  • Bug 9972: Icinga2 – too many open files – Exception
  • Bug 9984: fix check command nscp-local
  • Bug 9992: Duplicate severity type in the documentation for SyslogLogger