i2_pcc_check_mysql_healthIcinga 2 v2.3.4 incorporates a couple of bug fixes and also adds additional plugin check command definitions for the database plugins such as check_mysql_health or check_postgres.
Packages builds for various distributions should be available soon.



  • Bugfixes
  • ITL: Check commands for various databases
  • Improve validation messages for time periods
  • Update max_check_attempts in generic-{host,service} templates
  • Update logrotate configuration


  • Feature 8760: Add database plugins to ITL
  • Feature 8803: Agent Wizard: add options for API defaults
  • Feature 8893: Improve timeperiod validation error messages
  • Feature 8895: Add explanatory note for Icinga2 client documentation
  • Bug 8808: logrotate doesn’t work on Ubuntu
  • Bug 8821: command_endpoint check_results are not replicated to other endpoints in the same zone
  • Bug 8879: Reword documentation of check_address
  • Bug 8881: Add arguments to the UPS check
  • Bug 8889: Fix a minor markdown error
  • Bug 8892: Validation errors for time ranges which span the DST transition
  • Bug 8894: Default max_check_attempts should be lower for hosts than for services
  • Bug 8913: Windows Build: Flex detection
  • Bug 8917: Node wizard should only accept ‘y’, ‘n’, ‘Y’ and ‘N’ as answers for boolean questions
  • Bug 8919: Fix complexity class for Dictionary::Get
  • Bug 8987: Fix a typo
  • Bug 9012: Typo in graphite feature enable documentation
  • Bug 9014: Don’t update scheduleddowntime table w/ trigger_time column when only adding a downtime
  • Bug 9016: Downtimes which have been triggered are not properly recorded in the database
  • Bug 9017: scheduled_downtime_depth column is not reset when a downtime ends or when a downtime is being removed
  • Bug 9021: Multiple log messages w/ “Attempting to send notifications for notification object”
  • Bug 9041: Acknowledging problems w/ expire time does not add the expiry information to the related comment for IDO and compat
  • Bug 9045: Vim syntax: Match groups before host/service/user objects
  • Bug 9049: check_disk order of command arguments
  • Bug 9050: web.conf is not in the RPM package
  • Bug 9064: troubleshoot truncates crash reports
  • Bug 9069: Documentation: set_if usage with boolean values and functions
  • Bug 9073: custom attributes with recursive macro function calls causing sigabrt