Today we are releasing a bug fix version 1.10.1 for the current Icinga Web branch.
We fixed some smaller, but still bothersome bugs. Please be sure to check our changelog and do not forget to update your database schema!
Icinga Web 1.10.1 is available for download on GitHub – package updates for your distribution should be available soon.
Please keep in touch by using the support channels and report bugs and/or feature requests to our development tracker.

  • Makefile fixes for some versions (#4956 #4955)
  • Fixed non-working command API (#5013 #5465)
  • Disabled verbose logging of database queries (#5014)
  • Use system timezone in command forms (#4983)
  • Add backward compatibility for renamed function customColumnPerfdataSanatized (#5065)
  • Open Problems: Fix host status column’s width (#4944)
  • Allow “.” in Cronk URLs (#5289)
  • RPM spec file fixes (#5426 #5094)
  • Hide inactive objects from the views (#5646)
  • Cleaning up non-breaking space UTF-8 character throughout the code (#4965 #4966)
  • Added unique index to nsm_session for indexing the really used session_id (#5668)
  • Fixed auth_key authentication problems due to lowercase on PgSQL (#5678)