Dear Community,
We’ve learned from different sources (#2964, using mod_gearman, PNP rrdtool illegal update time) that a performance increasing change in Icinga Core 1.7.0 (#2182) was causing trouble in the event scheduling logic, causing duplicated events when rescheduling. This resulted in duplicated (or even more) check events under various circumstances,  as well as too much performance data and more output. We’ve been testing various fixes in our development branches (#2676). This included yet another bug (#2993) which helped resolve it overall – big shout out to Imri Zvik, thanks for the awesome help! Also big thanks to Jörg Linge and Christophe Haen for testing the git r1.7 release branch 🙂
There were other core bugs which we’ve been working on git. We decided to fully backport them in order to keep the 1.7.x tree clean and fixed.
Download Icinga and report any issues to our Dev Tracker, or use one of the support channels for your feedback.
Thanks for using Icinga 🙂
* core: fix duplicated events on check scheduling logic for new events #2676 #2993
* core: avoid duplicate events when scheduling forced host|service check #2993
* core: get rid of the instame macro usage while logging alerts and states #2665
* core: revamp the detection of embedded perl usage directive “# icinga: +epn” #2197
* core: fix whitespaces are not stripped using multiple templates (“use abc, def, ghi”) #2701
* core: add hint on icinga.cfg package location, read Changelog CHANGES on upgrades #2879
* core: bail out early with config error if resource.cfg macros contain NULL values #2879
* core: fix logical bug on icinga.cfg detection on config read #2879
* core: fsync() files before fclose() #2948
* core: remove weird switch() statement when scanning checkresult queue #2950
* core: fix deleting too old check result files #2951
* idoutils: fix icinga mysql db creation script grants access to all dbs #2917
* idoutils: fix ignoring mysql password in #2994
* icinga.spec: forced update on icinga.cfg change package locations #2923
* icinga.spec: fix permissions on ido2db.cfg potentially world readable #2897