Just to catch up on the missing release announcement: Icinga Web version 1.7.2 is out and ready to use. This is the bugfix follower and will help you to stay cool all summer. As always, the source package is available on Github to download. Please report any bugs and/or feature requests to https://dev.icinga.com or join the support channels for your questions!
The important changes:

  • Remove gzip compression of javascript (speed) #2660
  • Fixes oracle sql schema file
  • JSLint rewrites of javascript files
  • Reduce browser debugging output (console)
  • Remove duplicate alias when using HostgroupCredential #2857
  • Fixes the duration field #2736
  • Fixes links from open problem view into sub-grid #2932
  • Fixes links from Overall Status into sub-grid
  • Fixes hostgroup credential for notification view
  • Performance fix for log view #2937
  • Fixed default sort of open problem view #2933
  • Fixes date conditions for postgres #2978


  • New right “icinga.cronk.admin” allows system wide editing and deleting of cronks who are owned by others
  • Right “appkit.admin.group” now used to allow sharing cronks to others
  • Sharing of cronk by url (right click on the cronk)
  • Compact version of open problem view #2933

Thank you all for testing, patch work and suggestions – looking forward to 1.8!