Thanks for all your beloved reports and suggestions after the final 1.7 release. We’ve been working hard to sort out the most annoying bugs. As well as accept user contributed patches and merge them accordingly into upstream – special thanks to Torsten Rehn, Mark Ziesemer and Ulf Lange! 🙂
Find the Changelogs below – the download is available on sourceforge as usual. Please report any bugs and/or feature requests to or join the support channels for your questions!
Packages will be pushed by their respective maintainers hopefully soon! 🙂
Special notes for Debian/Ubuntu users:
* Alexander Wirt has now created an official PPA for installing Icinga on Ubuntu, more on the wiki howto
* Icinga Web is being packaged for Debian and Ubuntu by Markus Frosch. This is experimental and unstable, so help test (but keep it away from production systems!) and report to their bug tracker.


Icinga Core / Classic UI / IDOUtils
* core: use prefix in solaris service definition #2609
* core: fix various memory leaks in downtime eventhandling on SIGHUP (Carlos Velasco) #2666
* classic ui: Fixed status.cgi time out when displaying hostgroups in large environments #2617
* classic ui: Fixed Invalid JSON output for hostgroup overview (Torsten Rehn) #2680
* classic ui: Fixed Confusing use of display_name in JSON and CSV output (Torsten Rehn) #2681
* classic ui: Fixed wrong totals in “Service Status Summary” on Status Summary page (Mark Ziesemer) #2689
* idoutils: fix small compiler issues #2620
* idoutils: fix upgradedb script typos & past changes #2682
* config: check_ido2db_procs.cfg should not depend on local-service template #2616
* install: adapt lsb headers for icinga and ido2db #2637
* install: fix typo in contrib/eventhandlers/redundancy-scenario1/handle-master-proc-event (thanks uosiu) #2671
Icinga Web
* Misc commands with field COMMAND_DATA (e.g. Downtimes)
* Oracle SQL initial dump (Thank Tommi) #2584
* Duration fixes in grid views
* Translation fixes
* PGSQL sequence fixes
* Fixed IE crashing trailing comma of dead(TM)
* Fixes for info icons
* Removed redundant joins
* JS mising function in Date fixes #2660