Last week I had the pleasure of representing the Icinga Team by attending the San Francisco Bay Area LSPE Meetup (Large-Scale Production Engineering) for their “Not Nagios” event which was held at Yahoo’s URL café at Yahoo HQ in Sunnyvale, CA.

I’d like to thank the LSPE organizers and Yahoo for hosting such a great event and give a big shout out to Marius Ducea of Promet Solutions who stepped up and gave his “Monitoring with Icinga” presentation to a crowd of over 70 IT professionals from all over Silicon Valley and the surrounding area. It’s meeting users like him, who are motivated enough by what we are doing to volunteer themselves to become our grassroots advocates, that truly makes being a part of the Icinga Team a wonderful experience.

Most of all, thanks to those of you who attended – it was great to meet all of you during such a relaxed and informative evening and I certainly look forward to doing it again as soon as I can.

I was especially glad for the interest received and for the many good questions that were asked during the Q&A portion that followed.

Hopefully I was able to cover your questions with an adequate response. But for those of you asking questions that involved issues that I couldn’t answer directly at that moment, you can find our development tracker at to see if we’ve addressed or are working on the things that are important to you. If not, please feel free to let us know so we can get started on it for you.

We’re also on IRC, so hop onto the #icinga channel on the Freenode IRC network if you’d like to talk with us or just want to come say hello.

In addition, you can also join our mailing lists or you can follow @icinga on Twitter, but just be sure to stay away from that @mjbrooks_dev guy… his tweets are boring.

If you weren’t able to attend or need a refresher, check out Marius’ presentation slides ‘Monitoring with Icinga’ or watch a video of the entire event that was taken by attendee KC Leung. The video is particularly handy because it also contains the other two presentations of the night which included Cacti in large environments and JMX trans, both of which offered much to learn.

Lastly, be sure to check out our live demos for yourself. We have both the Classic UI and the new Icinga Web available for you to take a peek at.

Until next time we meet… happy monitoring and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our upcoming 1.5 release for maximum happiness.