Icinga marches on with the release version 1.0.1 and a heap of improvements to boot:
Core 1.0.1: If you haven’t been keeping up with Michael F’s updates, the Core team has been making a whole heap of improvements in IDOUtils with optimized indexes and housekeeping, oracle enhancements and two fantastic new features from the community – cheers to Vitali Voroth, DECOIT GmbH for his escalation condition patch and Bill McGonigle for his service_check_timeout_state suggestions! The list goes on, so check out the changelog for more info.
Docs 1.0.1: The Docs team has kept up to speed with new help topics on escalation conditions, using Oracle as the RDBM and of course how to upgrade it for Icinga Core 1.0.1.
Web 0.9.1 beta: As previously hinted, the Web team has developed a bunch of new features including compound commands, status icons, built in persistence and even more flexible user settings.
So click on that download button on the right to check it out for yourself – and don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments or issues lists!