Clear Channel’s Digital Displays: Always On Thanks to Icinga

by | Jul 4, 2024

We take pride in our diverse range of customers and users worldwide who trust Icinga for their monitoring needs. That’s why we’re showcasing some of these enterprises with their Success stories. It’s stories from companies or organizations just like yours, of any size and different kinds of industries.

Whether they’re long-time users or recent converts from other solutions, our customers share how Icinga has addressed their specific monitoring challenges and delivered tangible benefits. By reading these real-life examples, you can discover the value our tool offers and why it might be the right fit for your organization too.

In this story, we feature Clear Channel International, a part of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc., one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies and active in 31 countries. The company runs around 17.000 digital panels in 17 European countries from Norway to Italy. These panels are at the core of Clear Channel business, so it is of vital importance to ensure that they are always in perfect working order.

When their digital panel business grew bigger and bigger, Clear Channel migrated from Nagios to Icinga some six years ago. With the help of experienced Icinga partner Binero in Sweden the whole migration process went without a hitch.

In a next step, the company decided two years ago to bring all IT together and have one European organization serving all countries. Roar Amundsen, NOC Lead at Clear Channel International points out that “Icinga has been a very helpful part in aligning the organization and standardizing what we are using.”



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