Releasing Icinga for Windows v1.11.1

by | Nov 8, 2023

After a long wait time we are happy to announce that Icinga for Windows v1.11.1 is finally here! We took a long time testing several fixes for submitted issues, to ensure they work as intended. In addition, we made a general fallback fix available for the broken update mechanism introduced in v1.11.0.

How to update

In case you are still running on Icinga for Windows v1.10, you are fine and can simply upgrade to v1.11.1 – the below modifications are not mandatory for you. In case you updated to v1.11.0 already, you will have to make a modification for your update scripts or tasks.

In case you are using the command:


You will have to modify it to:

Update-Icinga -Version 'release';

This also applies if you simply want to run the command inside a PowerShell to update from v1.11.0 to v1.11.1. As mentioned before, if you are still running v1.10 or older this does not apply to you!

What’s fixed?

We have released both Framework and Plugins with the following changes:


  • #659 Fixes configuration writer which publishes invalid Icinga plain configuration files
  • #660 Fixes Update-Icinga not updating to the latest available version for a component and specifying -Version is updating to the latest one instead of the given one instead
  • #661 Fixes Icinga Agent installation and uninstallation, which could cause unintended automatic reboots
  • #662 Fixes JEA-Profiles always being updated during Update-Icinga calls, even when no component or non JEA related components were updated
  • #664 Fixes JEA profile compiler not including REST-Api configuration during first installation


  • #358 Fixes broken Icinga plain configuration
  • #360 Fixes Invoke-IcingaCheckMemory which uses the wrong unit for the pagefile plugin, wrong values, exceptions and %-Values not working

New Hyper-V Plugins

In addition to the above bugfix release, we also published the new Hyper-V plugin collection with version 1.3.0. This releases contains some cool new features as well as some minor bugfixes and improvements as well.


  • #67 Fixes Hyper-V Snapshot plugin throwing an exception in case vdisks were deleted from disk or removed from the virtual machine object in Hyper-V Manager
  • #69 Fixes a freeze during Test-IcingaHyperVInstalled call on some machines, as Get-WindowsFeature sometimes takes forever to resolve the feature list


  • #70 Adds new plugin Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVDuplicateVM to check for duplicate virtual machines on your Hyper-V node or cluster, printing critical for every single virtual machine found with duplicates
  • #71 Adds blackout time check for virtual machine migration for Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVVMHealth
  • #72 Adds support to check the cluster node count for the Hyper-V environment with Invoke-IcingaCheckHyperVHealth

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks to all of you we were able to track down most of the above mentioned issues very quickly and were able to provide bugfixes for testing. The ongoing effort from all of you keeps this project alive and ensures we track down even the last of weird issues and edge-cases.

Keep up the good community feedback and support – thank you for all your contributions!

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