Icinga brings flexibility and reduced complexity to the city of Cologne

by | Oct 11, 2022

We´re proud of our many customers and users around the globe that trust Icinga for critical IT infrastructure monitoring. That´s why we´re now showcasing some of these enterprises with their Success stories. It´s stories from companies or organizations just like yours, of any size and different kinds of industries.

Some of them are our long-standing customers, others have just recently profited from migrating from another solution to Icinga. Read about how our monitoring solution has helped them with their specific use case and what value and benefits Icinga brings to them. Get inspired by these real-life examples and find out why our tool could also be just right for you.

Our new story illustrates how Cologne, the largest city in western Germany tackles the challenge of digital transformation in public administration.

Cologne´s internal IT Office provides a high-performance IT infrastructure to all city departments and operates and supports specialized solutions.  It is also here that user-friendly digital government platforms and digitized internal processes are developed.

New technologies can be of great help to streamline and accelerate administrative routines. Read how the city of Cologne experienced such an innovation boost with the introduction of Icinga.



Do you also have excellent experiences with Icinga and would like to share them? We´d be happy to make your story come out big here on our website.


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