Shining a Light on Successful Icinga Customers

by | Sep 15, 2022

Over the past few months, Icinga has published a series of success stories that illustrate how Icinga helps organizations around the world achieve their mission-critical priorities!


Why are we doing it?

Especially in the B2B environment of products and services in need of explanation, these stories are an important building block of our communication. An authentic story represents a highly credible way of showcasing our benefits. It generates social proof and can inspire potential new customers to find out more about Icinga and why it could be the perfect choice for their use case.


So, what are the individual steps in the creation of a story?

The whole project begins by approaching a client and asking if they would be willing to share their experiences with Icinga. The biggest hurdle here is obtaining the internal permission for such a project on the client´s side. It is not uncommon that especially bigger enterprises have sharp restrictions on what business critical information may be published.

Once there is a go-ahead from the management, we generally start off by conducting a personal in-depth interview with the responsible IT Manager(s). It lasts about 30-45 min. and revolves around the following topics:

  • Challenges (Initial situation, infrastructure requirements, problems and needs)
  • Solution (Decisive Icinga benefits, individual monitoring set-up, implementation process)
  • Success (Business outcome, added value both internally and for end-customers)
  • Future (Company´s vision for the future and planned projects with Icinga)

To ensure a nice and smooth flow of our discussion, the video meeting is recorded, and the important passages are transcribed afterwards. In some cases, the client prefers to fill in the questionnaire by themselves, and this is of course also fine for us. In a next step, we sift the bulk of information and direct quotations and start building the story.  Once we have a final draft the client gets it for review and internal approval. Finally, we are ready to publish the story on our website, announce it in a blogpost and share it in our social media channels.


This seems a lot of work – is it worthwhile?

Having written a couple of these success stories we can say that the process sure takes some time and effort. But we definitely find it worth it! Not only from a marketing point of view – but also because we love having a direct personal exchange with our clients and getting deep insights about their unique use cases. Knowing about their struggels and needs, and also their success is really inspiring for our whole Icinga team and helps us in getting better and better day by day.


Do you also like working with Icinga and would like to share your experiences? We´d be happy to make your story come out big here on our website!

Share your own story


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