Is monitoring dead yet?

by | Jun 1, 2022

No, it is not! How can it possibly be dead?

In my opinion, monitoring is some thing very important for building a successful IT infrastructure. If monitoring is dead for an IT infrastructure then either that infrastructure already does not exist; or it is so powerful that problems like failure, errors, utilisation issues etc never occurs in the IT infrastructure which is literally not possible.

If you are not monitoring the health of your IT infrastructure then you would not even know what to fix if something goes wrong. As a result you would have to spend a lot of time and resource just to identify the problem. This is especially so in a complex IT infrastructure. In the meantime the customers using the application or technology would be affected. This in turn affects the business results. In the long run this affects the reliability of the business product.

But what if you know what went wrong as soon as some problem occurs? Also, what if you could identify the pattern by observing the monitoring metrics? In the first scenario, you could quickly fix the problem before it affects the customers of your business product. In the later scenario you could even come up with a solution that would allow you to avoid such problems.

Hence, you need a monitoring tool that efficiently monitor your resources like hardware (CPU, disk, sensors etc), OS, networks, applications etc and provide timely alerts or warnings if something goes wrong. This helps you to quickly come up with a monitoring solution and fix the problem before it affects the business productivity.

Icinga is one such monitoring tool, which helps you visualise and analyse the monitoring data and optimise the monitoring of IT infrastructure. It also allows you to monitor all resources efficiently in your infrastructure. Also Icinga allows you to automate your monitoring process. Please visit our page to more know about the product.

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