6 + 1 Good reasons to become an Icinga Channel Partner

by | Aug 12, 2021

So, you want to be innovative and stay on top of such complex markets as monitoring. But the competition is tough. How do you take the next step? One of the best ways your company can achieve more is to consider becoming an Icinga Channel Partner.


But what does that Relationship look like?


At Icinga, we don’t sell directly to our clients, therefore our Channel Partners can be considered our sales force. They’re independent, but they market our products and services alongside those of their other vendors or their own solutions.

Different partner programs offer a range of benefits to both the manufacturer and the partner alike.  Here are the 6 +1 most valuable benefits of partnering with Icinga:


01. Increased Revenue

Through our partner program you can expand your business model and generate additional revenue. Icinga offers competitive pricing and fair profit margins because we feel our relationship should be commercially beneficial for both sides.


02. Larger Portfolio

Offering products and services from different vendors enables you to deliver a highly diverse product portfolio that meets various customer’s technology requirements.


03. First-Hand Expertise

As our channel partners you have a direct line to our expert developer team that gives technical support. This allows you to serve your end-client in the best possible way.


04. Marketing Resources

We provide you with a variety of marketing content and materials that you can use to promote your business. Moreover, we assist our premium partners in their sales efforts by joining in phone conferences or holding client webinars together.


05. Lead Generation

At Icinga we don´t market products and services on our own. We´re passing all leads received onto our channel partners. This fills your potential new business pipeline and generates new cross-selling opportunities.


06. Goodies

Depending on the partner level (Partner, Premium, Enterprise) you enroll in, we offer additional benefits like free admission to Icinga camps or discounts for trainings.


And, last but not least: Close Relationship


At Icinga, we value people and trustful relations. Therefore, when considering a new partnership, we not only look at business fit, but also and just as important – the cultural fit of our companies and teams.

For us, our partner network is VERY important and so we start each partnership with the goal to build a trustful and long-term relation.

Do you think our companies might be a good fit? Fill in the quick form to show your interest in becoming an Icinga Partner. We´ll contact you and plan a call with you.


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