Summary Day 5 of Feedback Week

by | Nov 23, 2020

It’s a wrap! This was our Icinga Feedback Week!


We’re infinitely grateful for every vote, every like, every comment and the love that you have shown. Thank you so much for participating in our survey and sharing your opinion with us!



The Social Communicator


We’ve let you choose three Community Heroes in total. For the last question we chose to have an open question, and have therefore named a few candidates internally – for the unlikely case that we wouldn’t get any votes. This scenario has occured, which is no problem. We think all of you are our personal Community Hero, but there is one person in particular, who’s caught our attention throughout the Feedback Week; who was sharing most of our polls, tweets or posts on our social platforms, who constantly voted and we are beyond delighted about his unitiring support.

We’ll announce the Community Heroes soon!



The Questions and Answers


Now to the results:

To Have you ever been in contact with an #Icinga developer? most of you answered with Yes! We really like to think of ourselves as closely linked to the community and collaborative, so that made us glad to hear! If you ever encounter an issue or want to contribute, please reach out to us!


What do you like the most about Icinga that you share with your followers on your Social Channels? has been widely answered with „News that I want to share“. Other than that people interact most with the Icinga topic when it comes to funny stuff they found or figured out and which they want to share with the community!

We think there needs to be a little explanation to our Code of Conduct, since the majority of you voted for „What is that?“ to the question Are you aware of Icinga’s Code of Conduct? The Code of Conduct (or also widely known as FAQ) is our little booklet of rules that we ask every user to keep in mind when interacting with the community. It is divided into two main topics: „Questions and Answers“ and „Community Code of Conduct“. So, there are friendly reminders such as „Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree“ or „Learn from others“ that we kindly ask you to follow, but most importantly, we ask you to be respectful and friendly to each other.

Happy to hear you would like to see us at more events! 🙂 A fairly large group of people said so, at least. It’s a bit tough at the moment to travel a lot, but we will definitely put more effort into creating presentations and applying to online confs!

And the results to the next question also make us quite happy and proud! Most of voted for “Yes, please” to the question Apart from the Feedback Week, would you like us to be more active on our Social Channels and share more insights, updates, info, etc.? Well, your wish is our command! We’ll plan to share more insightful information with you in the future 🙂


Icinga Insights


For the Icinga Insights on Dec. 2nd, we’ll be presenting you all of the results all cleaned up and talk about the take aways with you, alongside other interesting topics, so make sure to sign up early to save a spot!



Thank you for having our back! You guys are the best!

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