Icinga for Windows – Bugfix Release v1.0.1

by | Mar 19, 2020

In February we released the first version of our new Icinga for Windows monitoring. Within a short amount of time we received a lot of feedback from different test and customer environments. Thanks to your testing, feedback and reports we were able to track down additional issues on the framework itself.
Today we are happy to announce Icinga for Windows v1.0.1 – fixing issues especially with service user handling and one issue with the Icinga Director Self-Service API. A summary is listed below:

  • Fixes crash during update of components while no update is available on stable branch
  • Fixes handling of LocalSystem service user to prevent the framework from crashing
  • Fixes an issue while trying to modify the service user with password on older Windows versions
  • Fixes persistent Director Self-Service Key prompt while using unattended installation on a new system
  • Fixes service user fetching by using NETBIOS name for non-domain hosts instead of full hostname

The new release is already available and can be downloaded directly from GitHub. A PowerShell Gallery release will follow within the next days.
We appreciate all the feedback, suggestions and reports we received so far and would love to encourage you to keep going to ensure an overall coverage of Windows requirements and providing a fully stable solution. Feel free to drop us additional feedback or questions and thank you for your support!

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