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Icinga for Windows Knowledge Base

While using Icinga for Windows you might run into issues, permissions problems or different problems during usage. Our main goal is to catch all of those problems and print proper error messages to give ideas on what went went wrong exactly.

However, some problems might be more complex and require further detailed descriptions as an issue could be caused my multiple different events or possible solutions would be way too long to put into a plugin output for example.

For this reason you will find a list of Icinga knowledge base entries below. Entries are assigned a unique 6 digit number referenced by issue messages, lead by the abbreviation IWKB. Example IWKB000001.

Knowledge Base Id Short Message / Description
IWKB000001 The user you are running this command as does not have permission to access the requested Cim-Object. To fix this, please add the user the Agent is running with to the “Remote Management Users” groups and grant access to the WMI branch for the Class/Namespace mentioned above and add the permission “Remote enable”.
IWKB000002 Plugin execution fails because arguments could not be validated and properly set. An example error could be The "*" was not recognized as the name of a program, cmdlet, function, script file, or executable. Check the spelling of the name and that the path is correct (if included), and repeat the process.
IWKB000003 The Icinga Agent service icinga2 cannot be started/modified/added because it is marked for deletion.
IWKB000004 Use-Icinga : The ‘Use-Icinga’ command was found in the module ‘icinga-powershell-framework’, but the module could not be loaded. For more information, run ‘Import-Module icinga-powershell-framework’
IWKB000005 powershell.exe : Failed to start service ‘Icinga PowerShell Service (icingapowershell)’.
IWKB000006 The user you are running this command as does not have permission to access the Windows Update ComObject “Microsoft.Update.Session”.
IWKB000007 Icinga Director Self-Service API fails with errors. [Error]: The remote host for address “…” could not be resolved [Error]: Failed to connect to your Icinga Director at “…”. Please try again.
IWKB000008 The EventLog contains many Perflib, PerfNet and PerfProc errors/warnings with EventId 1008, 2002 and 2004
IWKB000009 The remote Windows host has at least one service installed that uses an unquoted service path, which contains at least one whitespace. A local attacker can gain elevated privileges by inserting an executable file in the path of the affected service