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Installation Templates - Quickstarter

In case you are in a hurry, here are some command examples you can use for installing your Icinga for Windows environment.

How to use below examples

The installation commands and answer files are simple JSON strings, containing required information for the IMC to work with. If you use these examples as -InstallCommand, you will have to wrap them inside single quotes '':


If you want to use them as answer files, you can simply copy them as mentioned below inside a simple text file without modifications. This is required if you are using the -InstallFile argument.

Usage Examples

Using the -InstallCommand argument for Install-Icinga:

Install-Icinga -InstallCommand '{"IfW-DirectorSelfServiceKey":{"Values":["651f889ca5f364e89ed709eabde6237fb02050ff"]},"IfW-DirectorUrl":{"Values":[""]}}';

Using the -InstallFile argument for Install-Icinga:

Install-Icinga -InstallFile 'C:\Users\Public\icinga_installation.json';

Note: You can use the same arguments on the IcingaForWindows.ps1 as described in the Getting Started page, for a full automation without user interaction.

Note 2: The file type must not be .json, it just helps representing the content properly.

Icinga Director Self-Service API

Use the Icinga Director Self-Service API without any custom modifications and install Icinga for Windows as defined inside the Icinga Director