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Uninstall JEA

If you want to uninstall JEA profiles or even the managed user included, there are Cmdlets available for this.

Uninstall JEA with managed user

To uninstall JEA profiles and the managed user, you can use Uninstall-IcingaSecurity. Like the installation counterpart, you can specify a custom user with -IcingaUser.

However, users will only be removed if their description matches the Icinga for Windows managed user description.

Uninstall-IcingaSecurity -IcingaUser 'MyOwnIcingaUser';

By default, it will remove the icinga user including unregistering the JEA profile.

Uninstall JEA Profile

To simply uninstall the JEA profile and leave a possible managed user on the system, you can run Uninstall-IcingaJEAProfile.

This will remove the created JEA profile and the JEA catalog for IcingaForWindows on the system.

Uninstall JEA test profile

To simply remove the test environment of the JEA profile, you can use this command:

Unregister-PSSessionConfiguration -Name 'IcingaForWindowsTest';

This will leave the catalog and the production system itself alone and only removes the test profile.