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API Documentation

This module is providing a REST endpoint for the Icinga PowerShell REST-Api.

Once the module is installed you can access it over the API under its namespace


The module will only support to query one check command per connection.

Fetch inventory list

To receive a list of all available inventory objects you can simply use

    "Inventory": [

For fetching inventory information you will have to provide the alias inside the url

Fetching Single Entry

You can simply query data for one alias as follows

Browser (Single Entry)


GET with curl (Single Entry)

curl -X GET "/v1/inventory?include=cpu"

GET with PowerShell (Single Entry)

Invoke-WebRequest -Method GET -UseBasicParsing -Uri '/v1/inventory?include=cpu';

Fetching Multiple Entries

You can repeat the include argument for fetch multiple entries at once

Browser (Multi Entries)


GET with curl (Multi Entries)

curl -X GET "/v1/inventory?include=cpu&include=bios"

GET with PowerShell (Multi Entries)

Invoke-WebRequest -Method GET -UseBasicParsing -Uri '/v1/inventory?include=cpu&include=bios';

Wildcard Include with Exclude

You can also use * as wildcard for includes and exclude unwanted entries

Browser (Exclude)


GET with curl (Exclude)

curl -X GET "/v1/inventory?include=*&exclude=bios&exclude=updates"

GET with PowerShell (Exclude)

Invoke-WebRequest -Method GET -UseBasicParsing -Uri '/v1/inventory?include=*&exclude=bios&exclude=updates';